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Before you contact us...

Please review the following frequently asked questions:

Can I link to your website?
Yes! You can link to any page of this website from anywhere (both online and in print). You do not need to ask our permission.
Could you link to my website?
No. Though we link to some sites that interest us, this is not a web directory. We do not accept link submissions. You could submit your link to Curlie instead.
Would you participate in a link exchange?
Not interested. We’d like people to link to our site because they find it interesting, not as part of some quid pro quo.
Would you take advertising?
No. We are proud to run this website without advertising or product placement.
I’d like to buy your domain/website.
Sorry, it’s not for sale.

Emails on the above topics will be deleted without a response.

Contact information

Shawweb consists of multiple websites. Please go to the contact page for the appropriate website:

If you wish to contact us about Shawweb as a whole, email shawwebshawwebcouk. Configure your email client to use plain text message format. HTML and rich text emails will likely be discarded as spam.

See our privacy notice for details on how we might use information from your emails. Don’t worry – there’s nothing there that should surprise you.